New Website for “The Landmark London”

The Big Picture

The Landmark London is a hotel with exquisite pedigree, offering everything the refined modern guest expects, in a manner that honours its past as one of the last great Victorian railway hotels. The Landmark’s online presence needed to simultaneously reflect this regal provenance in a suitably elegant, intuitive way, while also providing a dynamic platform for communication, relationship management and promotions, to facilitate future business growth.


Quintessential London Charm, Granduer and world-class service in sumptuous surroundings. Indulge and feel truly enchanted in pure luxury.


SCOOP & SPOON undertook to create a seamless continuation of the luxurious hotel experience from the real world to the virtual one. As well as showcasing the hotel, the site needed to retain visitors and encourage them to book their stay directly, rather than lose them to third party vendors. It had to provide analytical reporting of visitor behaviour, enabling the client to create targeted promotions and messages, thus maximising sales and other conversion opportunities. Completion was to coincide with a reimagining of the hotel’s brand personality.


Fluid and ongoing consultation was elemental to understanding the needs and values of the client, to see how the new site could offer levels of automation that would make repetitive duties more efficient. The client would then be free to engage in communication and promotion activities, e-commerce projects and content publishing, all made possible by the new platform’s built-in tools. The client became SCOOP & SPOON’s collaborator from concept through to delivery, and every step was undertaken with the highest regard for the star of the project – the hotel itself.


The finished website is, much like the Landmark London itself, a destination. It has a beautiful face with a complex heart, which tells the hotel’s story and acts as an information hub offering lifestyle and travel information. It gives visitors a reason to remain awhile, and to book their stay directly through the site rather than with third party vendors. Their Landmark experience begins before they’ve even left the website. But more than this, its simply elegant facade belies a comprehensive analytics and publishing tool. It empowers the Landmark team to respond to visitor behaviour, create promotions, publish content in many diverse ways, and make the most of their offering on every level. The Landmark’s website is not a partner to the hotel as much as it is part of it. Echoing its pedigree and prestige, and all while offering its guests the same level of excellence and functionality they can expect when they visit in person.