Total Immersion,
Maximum Promotion

ABUS, the leading international cycling security expert, is a sponsor of Movistar Team, one of the world’s most successful pro-cycling squads. As its official helmet provider, ABUS plays a crucial role in the team’s performance. To emphasise this winning relationship, SCOOP & SPOON developed a digital strategy to engage cycling fans and promote ABUS’s involvement in the sport – just in time for the 2019 Tour de France.


A New Space for Engagement

To highlight ABUS involvement in the world’s most prestigious cycling event, SCOOP & SPOON wanted to create a virtual space where fans could get the latest news on Movistar Team’s performance. Fresh, engaging and innovative, it had to combine brilliant marketing ideas, intelligent data processing and visualisation techniques to add a thrilling dimension to the race. Capturing the excitement of the Tour, while highlighting ABUS place at the cutting edge of cycling technology, the ABUS Cycling Data Room was built to connect cycling fans with the thrill of the race.

The Excecution

Exclusive Insight in a Captivating Experience

Available on mobile and desktop, the ABUS Cycling Data Room delivers exclusive content straight from the Tour. Multiple widgets can be navigated in a 360° horizontal display, giving users access to data from the Tour de France and other prestigious cycling events. Two ABUS helmets, worn by Movistar Team cyclists during the race, form the visual heart of the Data Room. As a marketing tool, this puts the product front and centre, without obstructing site functionality or user experience.

The Results

Winning on Every Level

As a professional data hub, the ABUS Cycling Data Room offers cycling enthusiasts a unique digital space to immerse themselves. Users can find current race results, course information, race highlights and other valuable content at every stage of the race. As a smart marketing platform, ABUS’s sponsorship of the team and their high-value products are interactively and decisively placed centre stage. In the future this 360° showroom will be adapted for other races and expanded with additional functionalities. This will include features such as real-time data integration and employing user-customization to further increase user engagement and add value to both the client and their audience.




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