Revolutionizing Brand Strategies -

Asking the right marketing questions

Finding the right path in the digitalisation jungle is not easy. The possibilities are endless. And ignoring what the user really wants in favour of producing the best possible version of something is a trap that marketing agencies fall into on a daily basis. At SCOOP & SPOON, we know how to utilise our deep technical understanding and cross-disciplinary approach to ask the right marketing questions and create the right solutions for our clients.

Giving Wings to Start-ups

Red Bull Media House connected us with ACTEN, a start-up whose main product is a supplement promoting joint health, and thus might be of interest for Red Bull’s athletes. ACTEN had already established a foot in the food supplement and health sectors but wasn’t yet reaching one of their biggest market opportunities – the world of sports. SCOOP & SPOON teamed up with Red Bull Media House to find a creative solution for the challenges ACTEN was facing, as the supplement was distributed by a decentralised affiliate system without a unifying corporate identity.

Acten img Acten img

A new playground for ACTEN

ACTEN is an innovative gel supplement made from high-quality brown algae extract and super-strong collagen peptides which boost natural cartilage health and supply the body with important vitamins and minerals. ACTEN’s communication was centered around the “revitalizing” effect of its product, thus underlining its positioning as a health product.

To successfully bring the world of (extreme) sports and its multifaceted audience into this game, we had to approach ACTEN’s product positioning from two – arguably contradicting – perspectives:

1. Brand Political

New positioning of the brand’s core application area to allow the link to more dynamic topics

2. Strategic

Making use of Red Bull Media House’s network to gain maximum reach

Bipolar Positioning

To express the diametral positions of the product – and to dually communicate extreme dynamic and accessibility for everyone – SCOOP & SPOON created the concept of bipolar positioning. This new approach in rebranding is aptly captured in the two slogans we devised for ACTEN, which link science and extreme sports:

Be the best you

challenges ACTEN’s pro-athlete and sporty users to be the best version of themselves


Everyday for everyone

makes ACTEN accessible for everyone, allowing the promotion of ACTEN to two seemingly contradictory target groups

SCOOP & SPOON’s Paradigm Shift

At the heart of our overall approach is the creation of awareness in the extreme-sport communities and among health-conscious people by using exciting content – just like Red Bull Media House shows all year round – to further increase reach and engagement. With a global reach of over 60 million people, Red Bull Media House offered ACTEN vital consulting support in how to successfully increase their brand value and reputation.

The new approach towards sports and active lifestyles not only called for a rethink in terms of ACTEN’s brand identity and storytelling, but also in terms of the online shop. SCOOP & SPOON solved this with a PARADIGM SHIFT - with users navigating through a story-telling product page front end while the online shop is hidden in the back end. Strategically placed “Buy now” buttons ensure an intuitive shopping experience for the users.

Revolutionising the E-Commerce Game with User-Oriented Storytelling

A great brand strategy is nothing without the right digital solution. That’s why we created a fresh, exciting new website that not only integrates all of the affiliate websites into one central platform, but also offers users an intelligent and engaging shopping experience.

Cross-enterprise Content Transfer – Where the Magic Happens

To find a solution that would boost the start-up’s reach, the new ACTEN website is based on a headless approach – the front end of the e-commerce platform is “decoupled” and independent from its back end. Using APIs, the front end can communicate with a variety of back ends, giving selected third parties easy access to a predefined section of the ACTEN website.

Individual, predesigned modules ensure the same look and feel throughout the website - and allow selected third parties to easily add content without the need for programming experts. In addition to tying ACTEN even closer to the multifaceted world of sports, this “Cross-Enterprise Content Transfer” is also a big relief for the affiliates, who can now add their own regional content without running the risk of straying from ACTEN’s new CI.

Boosting Customer Profiling with Limitless User Interactions

We understand data, and we understand humans. With our UX experience and intelligent technology modules, we create limitless user interactions and detailed user profiles. We want to give users the freedom to consume data in their own way.

The AI and intelligent algorithms in our toolkit enable us to build products and systems that deliver value and meaningful experiences in both directions. This means that users visiting the new ACTEN e-commerce website receive engaging, useful content and unlimited interaction - while ACTEN gets valuable insights, next-level user profiling, and new revenue streams. A great collaboration to help a new start-up reach its full potential.