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The Digital Trend Conference


Facing a Crisis with Innovation

For 32 years, the Engine & Environment conference has been a highlight in the automotive industry calendar. But in 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic happened, and the world went into lockdown. How could this ground-breaking conference continue when attendees and speakers from around the world were unable to get there? As solution-oriented marketing and communication technology experts, SCOOP & SPOON saw this challenge as an opportunity for innovation. And the answer came in the form of a new platform that would shift the event from the classical location-based structure into a safe, interactive digital format.

Reinventing a Personal Experience

The success of any event is based on the personal experience of its participants. The strength of the Engine & Environment conference brand had grown from the value gained from this personal experience. So, it was vital that SCOOP & SPOON was able to drive the same kind of value for attendees and speakers as they would gain from being there in person – and more. It had to be accessible, useful, engaging, offer networking opportunities and it had to be available at the visitor’s convenience. Furthermore, it had to be lean. Anything that didn’t drive value for all parties was excess fat that had to be trimmed away.

The Digital Event Goals

  • Combine content and interactivity to create added value
  • Drive accessibility using interaction and UX
  • Accelerate the attendee learning process through engagement strategies
  • Increase brand reach and awareness by making the conference free to all
  • At Your Convenience

    SCOOP & SPOON is known for its expertise in bringing high-concept front and back-end solutions together in sophisticated ways. This know-how enabled the creation of an online space that replicated the special experience of the physical Engine & Environment Conference.

    A clear marketing strategy included limiting conference availability to five days – the same as the physical conference – employing scarcity to drive engagement. During this time keynote speeches could be viewed as on-demand videos at the attendee’s convenience. Two-way communication functionality facilitated debates and networking opportunities, guaranteeing a fluent exchange between speakers, moderators and the audience.


    An exclusive private space – the speakers’ corner – allowed speakers to exchange knowledge and chat about their experience. Additionally, the virtual AVL Expo offered insights into the client’s latest products and innovations.

    The online conference consisted of the following spaces:

  • A 360° showroom
  • 2 digital conference rooms
  • 36 on-demand videos
  • An expo room
  • A private speakers’ corner
  • Reborn Without Limits After Three Decades

    After 32 yeas of industry-leading success as a location-specific conference,in 2020 Engine & Environment became the world’s first digital powertrain conference. More than 3,100 users from 67 countries took part, including guests from some of the world’s biggest automotive brands. This was a 1240% increase in attendance on the previous year.

    This overwhelming success stands as testament to SCOOP & SPOON’s ability to transform the challenges of a global crisis as an opportunity for innovation. In total, the event saw stunning results:


    hours total video view time


    An average of 20 videos watched per unique user


    registration show rate

    In 2021, as the world emerges from lockdown, SCOOP & SPOON plans to combine the success of the digital event with the benefits of the physical conference. Drawing on the advantages of both, the possibilities for success are potentially limitless.