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SCOOP & SPOON Transforming Tourism with a Paradigm Shift

In less than a year, the way the world does business has been transformed. Some organisations have struggled, but others, such as the Austrian National Tourist Office, have sought new business models and practices in order to flourish despite these challenges.

SCOOP & SPOON New Challenges, New Opportunities, New Success

New Challenges, New Opportunities, New Success

By partnering with our talented team at SCOOP & SPOON, the Austrian National Tourist Office discovered that their old marketing methods were no longer viable in the face of the global pandemic. So, with our help, they transformed the crisis into an opportunity to break down old barriers, overcome new obstacles, and shine like never before.

Each year, in an industry expo event, the natural and cultural assets of Austria are shared with the global tourism industry. We developed an innovative platform to take the event online, while maintaining the effectiveness and impact of the physical event.

Using our proven 360° virtual environment, we created atb.virtual.2020 – an immersive, emotional online experience, that set a new standard for digital event planning.

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A New World of New Opportunities

Physical events come with physical limitations, but with the shift to digital those limitations are removed. For the Austrian National Tourist Office, this meant creating a digital event that would take their brand campaign – Visit Austria – to a larger audience than ever before possible.

Physical Event

Local Ties

Time Constraints

Spatial Limitations

Sequential Sequence

Limited capacity for Info Material

Time loss due to distance

Digital Event

Worldwide Access

On-Demand Availability


Free Navigation

Unlimited Download

Change Topics by Click

More than simply a digital shopfront for the entire country, the event gave participants an authentic – yet virtual – feel of Austria. Furthermore, it became a platform that could connect buyers and sellers across the world, share user-tracking data and generate valuable conversions for the exhibitors at the digital fair.

Our solution allowed our client to celebrate their country in its best light. It became a place to share this beautiful destination with international industry partners, to strengthen B2B relationships, and improve their reputation and relationships with members of the tourism industry around the world.

Limitless Possibilities

Our solution for the Austrian National Tourist Office took selected elements of our Integrated and Open Marketing Modules (IOMM) and tailored them to their specific needs. We built a 360° virtual exhibition platform that ensured all exhibitors were given equal exposure, and a global reach that could accommodate an unlimited number of visitors.

With our ‘Limitless Interactions’ methodology put the audience at the forefront, in an intuitive free world that they could explore at will. This included on-demand content that was convenient, accessible and available whenever they wanted it. By employing our IOMM approach the complete experience surpassed anything that could be conducted in the real world.

The highlights of our platform included:
  • 8 x 360° exhibition spaces offering free-world navigation
  • An interaction-based UX approach for enhanced user engagement
  • Interactive Austria-map to serve relevant content
  • Live and on-demand video content for added reach
  • Filter, search and browse functionalities to share contributor content
  • User ‘interface’ tools to enable industry members to connect with each other
  • Fast turnaround – from concept to approval and ‘go live’ in just 38 days.

Results that Speak for Themselves

What these results – and our approach – prove is that in the face of great challenges, we are faced with great opportunities. All it takes is faith, vision, and a partner who can help you see a brighter, better future.